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Bjerreds Saltsjöbad is a unique place for relaxation and company. It is located some 600 meters from the shore, at the end of the Long Pier ("Långa Bryggan") at Bjärred village. The longest bath pier in Sweden (as far as we know)! Our facility offers a open-air ocean swimming baths with saunas, a restaurant and magnificent views in all directions. The open-air swimming-baths is run by the non-profit association "Föreningen Bjerreds Saltsjöbad". The restaurant is a separate business leasing their premises from the association.

Bath and Sauna - opening hours

Bath & Sauna access for members:
Monday: 06.00-9.30, 11.30-22.00*
Tuesday-Sunday: 06.00-9.30, 10.30-22.00*
Last entry 21.15. The sauna closes at 21.45. Dressing room closes at 22.00.

*On New Year's Eve, the sauna closes at 5pm (last admission 4pm). On New Year's Day, the bath opens at 10.30.

Bath and sauna access for non-members:
- During the restaurant's opening hours. Bath tickets are sold by the restaurant.
The entrance fee is 100 SEK. Pay with credit card or Swish (no cash).
It is also possible to enter the bath via an sms code. Instructions at the entrance gate (in Swedish). The mobile phone must have a Swedish operator and be enabled for sms-purchases.

Attention: If the situation with the electricity supply changes, the opening hours of the sauna and the restaurant may change at short notice. Keep an eye out here on the website for any changes.

Mixed sauna

Mondays 18-22 women's side
Wednesdays 18-22 men's side
Thursdays 18-22 men's side
Sundays 12-17 men's side

Dressing rooms, restrooms and showers are always separate (never mixed).

Cleaning hours

From September 1, we will return to cleaning the bathing areas in the mornings. On weekdays, there will be two janitors cleaning one side each. Please respect the cleaners' cleaning hours.

Ladies: 12.00-13.00
Men: 13.00-14.00

Saturday-Sunday and holidays (red days)
Ladies: 09:30-10:30
Men: 09:30-10:30


From September 1, we again offer aufguss in the bathing areas. Saunas with beneficial aromas are popular, and to reduce crowding in the sauna during these events, we introduce a maximum of 12 people. First come first served and one seat per person if there is a queue to enter. 
There may be male aufgussers on the female side.
The times for aufguss this autumn are as follows:

First Monday of every month
Women's side 19.00 and 20.30, mixed sauna on the women's side
Men's side 20.00
5/9, 3/10, 7/11, 5/12

First Tuesday of every month
Women's side 7.45
6/9, 4/10, 8/11, 6/12

Wednesdays every week
Women's side 15.00 and 19.00
Men's side 19.00 mixed sauna

First Friday of every month
Women's side 18.00
Men's side 18.00
2/9, 7/10, 4/11, 2/12

First Sunday of every month
Women's and men's side 13-14.30
Mixed sauna on the men's side
4/9, 2/10, 6/11, 4/12

Sauna etiquette and basic rules.

Basic rules regarding the use of the baths and saunas:

  • Shower before the sauna.
  • Always sit on a towel.
  • Swimwear is not allowed. If you wish, wear a towel.
  • The sauna is about relaxation. Show respect to fellow visitors.
  • You can not reserve a place in the sauna. When you exit e.g. to cool off the space is free for others to take.

There are separate changing-rooms and saunas for men and women. Bring a water bottle, the sauna creates the need for extra water intake. Bathing shoes are recommended, especially during the cold season. Bring a padlock if you wish to lock up your valuables. There are small lockers in the changing-rooms. Bring your own soap and shampoo. Keep in mind that the pier deck and the ladder can be slippery.


See menu here>>


+46 46 29 30 10

Table reservation

For reservations regarding the same day,
please call us! tel. 046-29 30 10


On Bjerreds Saltsjöbad you hold your conference in the middle of Öresund. Experience a conference out at the sea where the forces of nature makes itself known all days of the year.

We offer

  • Utsikten (The View), 2-12 guests
  • Our restaurant, 10-60 guests

Perhaps the meeting begins with a nice breakfast? With us you are greeted each morning by freshly baked bread. During the day is fresh fruit, coffee, a rich selection of teas and the water is always there. 
When you have conference, you always have exclusive access to the facility, regardless if you are 4 or 60 guests. As a conference guest, you have the opportunity to have free access to the bath during your stay with us.

Our cooking has roots in the Swedish cuisine with inspiration from Europe. Our menus are composed based on the season's best ingredients which means many locally grown products. 


Restaurant (table reservation, conference, party, wedding, shop)
tel.046-29 30 10 


Långa Bryggan, Bjärred

gps coordinates
WGS 84:N 55° 42.592`, E 13° 1.347`WGS 84 - decimal:55.70987, 13.02245RT90:6179140, 1325098SWEREF99:6175561, 375751

Bath association (questions about membership, bracelets etc)

Föreningen Bjerreds Saltsjöbad 
Box 22 
237 21 Bjärred

Problem reports concerning the bath facility (something needs to be repaired, corrected)