Bjerreds Saltsjöbad is a unique place for relaxation and company. It is located some 600 meters from the shore, at the end of the Long Pier ("Långa Bryggan") at Bjärred village. The longest pier in Sweden, as far as we know! Our facility offers a open-air ocean swimming baths with saunas, a restaurant and magnificent views in all directions. The open-air swimming-baths is run by the non-profit association, Föreningen Bjerreds Saltsjöbad. The restaurant is a separate business leasing their premises from the association.

Bath and Sauna - opening hours and prices

Bath & Sauna access for members
Every day 06-22
Bath & Sauna for the public
Public tickets are sold when the Restaurant is open.
Outside the Restaurant opening hour you can use Payment system with mobile phone, see below.
With ticket/sms-ticket the bath is open until the regular sauna closing time at 22:00.
Bring your own towel, soap and padlock for valuables. Bath shoes and water bottle are recommended.

Price non members:
Adult 80 SEK
Youth (13-17 years) 50 SEK
Children ( 7-12 years) 30 SEK
Children ( 0-6 years) 0 SEK

Payment system with mobile phone
When the Restaurant is closed you can purchase bath and sauna tickets with sms (text message). Unit price is SEK 80/ticket. Text "CCASVO" to 72777 and get a one-time pass code back. Enter the code on the green keypad and the gate opens. Works for phones with a Swedish operator. Does not work with prepaid phone cards. If SMS-payment does not work for your phone you can purchase the entry pass code using the smartphone app Coincode and registering a credit card, or with Swish. Instructions at the entrance.

As a member you can swim as often as you want, all year, from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM (with few exceptions). Why not become a member? See info below.

Commonalities sauna (mixed gender)
Mondays at the women`s side 18-22
Wednesdays at the men's side, 18-22
Thursdays at the men`s side 18-22
Sundays at the men's side 12-15
Restrooms and showers are never mixed.

Aufguss (aromatic sauna)
September to April.
1st Monday of the month, 19.00 women`s side (mixed), 20.00 men's side, 20.30 women's side (mixed)
Wednesdays 14.00 at the women's side
Wednesdays 19.00 at the men's side (mixed sauna)
Thursdays 19.00 at the men`s side (mixed sauna)
1st Friday of the month 17.30 both women's and men's sides

Closed for cleaning
The bath is closed for cleaning
Men's side 13:30 to 14:30 on weekdays, 9.00-10.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.
Women's side 13:30 to 14.30 on weekdays, 8.00-9.00 on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays.

Parties are not permitted at the Kallbadhuset spa.
Contact info@kallbadhus.se for more information.

Below some tips and fundamental rules regarding the use of the baths and saunas.

  • Always wear the membership bracelet (or day ticket bracelet) when visiting the baths.
  • Swimwear is not allowed in the sauna. If you wish, you can wear a towel.
  • In the sauna, always sit on a towel.

There are separate changing-rooms and saunas for men and women. Bringing a water bottle is recommended, the sauna creates the need for extra water intake. Bathing shoes are recommended, especially during the cold season. Bring a padlock if you wish to lock up your valuables. There are lockers in the changing-rooms. Bring your own soap and shampoo. Keep in mind that the pier deck and the ladder can be slippery.


Opening Date January 12, 2017

Table reservation
Welcome to make a table reservation in our restaurant tel. 046-29 30 10 / 0709-320 005 or restaurangen@bjerredssaltsjobad.se.

Seasonal menu
Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday evening we serve a varied menu every night posted on blackboard in the restaurant. Here you will find catch of the week, the evening's soup and much more.

Friday and Saturday evenings you are met by a delicious à la carte menu. Current menu can be found here (link to the new page with the current menu). Our beverage menu, you can enjoy all week. (Link to the new page with the drinks menu).

Experience our brunch in the middle of Öresund!
Each Saturday and Sunday we offer two seatings:
The first seating at. 11-13
second seating at. 13:30 to 15:30
Price 245 SEK
Children 0-3 years 65 SEK, 4-11 years 125 SEK, 12-16 years 175 SEK.

Opening Ours from January 12, 2017
Tuesday-Thursday: 15-22
Kitchen open: 17-21.00
Friday: 15-23
Kitchen open: 18-21.30

Saturday: 11-23
Brunch first seating at 11:00 to 13:00, the second seating at 13.30-15.30 The evening à la carte at 18:00 to 21:30.

Sunday: 11-22
Brunch first seating at 11:00 to 13:00, the second seating at 13:30 to 15:30
Evening menu at 17:00 to 20:00

Wedding & Party

Bjerreds Saltsjöbad is a great place for party arrangements in a unique marine environment. Together we create unforgettable memories, whether you're planning an intimate engagement dinner, a big party, a wedding, an office party or an anniversary dinner. We offer well-composed menus with lovingly prepared food, good drinks and personalized service that makes you never want to leave! Our cooking has roots in the Swedish cuisine with inspiration from Europe. Our menus are composed based on the season's best ingredients which means many locally grown products.

We are happy to enhance the dining experience by serving something exciting in the glass, perhaps wines from our own vineyard in Flädie. Would you like to know more about a celebration with us? Welcome to contact us for more information and a tour of our party room!


On Bjerreds Saltsjöbad you hold your conference in the middle of Öresund. Experience a conference next to the sea where the forces of nature makes itself known all days of the year.

Our two premises

  • The view, 2-11 persons
  • The restaurant, 10-60 people

Perhaps the meeting begins with a nice breakfast? With us you are greeted each morning by freshly baked bread. During the day is fresh fruit, coffee, a rich selection of teas and the water is always there.
When you have conference, you always have exclusive access to the facility, regardless if you are 4 or 60 guests. As a conference guest, you have the opportunity to have free access to the bath during your stay with us.

Our cooking has roots in the Swedish cuisine with inspiration from Europe. Our menus are composed based on the season's best ingredients which means many locally grown products. We are happy to enhance the dining experience by serving up something exciting in the glass, perhaps wines from our own vineyard in Flädie.

Conference with accommodation at Flädie Mat & Vingård
In cooperation with our sister establishment Flädie Mat & Vingård, we offer multi-day packages with overnight accommodation and full board, which means that you eat, attend conferences and bathed in Bjerreds Saltsjöbad but sleeping soundly in their beds at Flädie Mat & Vingård. The conference package includes free shuttle service between Bjerreds Saltsjöbad and Flädie Mat & Vingård meeting participants.


Singles: 1400 SEK - season pass 12 months (including membership 300 SEK) + bracelet 100 SEK. Total 1500 SEK.
Family: 2100 SEK - season pass 12 months (including membership 400 SEK) + bracelets 100 SEK/person
With the season pass and bracelet (see below) you have access to the bath facility between 06:00 and 22:00 every day.
Membership renewal
Your membership and bracelet validity will be updated automatically when your payment is registered.

New members
In addition to the membership you need a bath bracelet to access the bath facility. The bracelet is your electronic key to the entrance gate, and proof that you are an authorized member. The bracelets cost 100 SEK each in.
Example 1: You are a single: You pay 1300 SEK for the membership plus 100 SEK for a bracelet. Total 1400 SEK.

Example 2: You are a family of two adults and two children (up to 20 years). You pay 2100 SEK for the family membership and 4x100 SEK for the bracelets. Total 2500 SEK.
State your name, address, phone and email, family or single membership, and the number of bracelets you need on the payment slip Pay the amount of PG 291952-0
Send an email to info@kallbadhus.se to arrange time for collecting the bracelets.


Forgot your towel? It does not matter. In our small marine shop you can find everything you need for a bath.
There is also an exciting selection of L:a Brukets wonderful sortiment.

Gift voucher

Order one of our popular gift - a perfect Christmas or birthday gift that can be used for everything nice is happening on Bjerreds Saltsjöbad Kallbadhus & Restaurant.
tel. 046- 29 30 10 or info@bjerredssaltsjobad.se


Restaurant (table reservation, conference, party, wedding, shop)
tel.046-29 30 10 / 0709-320 005
Långa Bryggan, Bjärred

gps coordinates
WGS 84:N 55° 42.592`, E 13° 1.347`WGS 84 - decimal:55.70987, 13.02245RT90:6179140, 1325098SWEREF99:6175561, 375751

Bath association (questions about membership, bracelets etc)

Föreningen Bjerreds Saltsjöbad
Box 22
237 21 Bjärred

Problem reports concerning the bath facility (something needs to be repaired, corrected) felanmalan@kallbadhus.se




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